Buy Rebozos in the UK

You’re most probably here because you have been recommended to purchase a Rebozo as part of a pre-natal course (such as hypnobirthing) or because you want to carry your baby in a traditional way. In the UK the Rebozo can be hard to come by as many only sell in the US & Latin America and importing can be expensive/complicating.

Rebozo Store looks to become the #1 resource for those looking to purchase a Rebozo in the UK – helping you find the right Reoboz which is right for you.

Rebozos for Birthing & Baby Carrying – Based on Traditional Mexican Craft

A Rebozo is a traditional scarf or shawl which has its origins in Mexico & Guatamala. Traditionally given to young women when they have their first period, a rebozo has deep cultural roots and plays a significant role in raising children.

Frida Kahlo & her Rebozo

Made famous by Frida Kahlo (pictured right), the Robozo is thought by most people in non-latin American countries as a fashion item, but it has many more uses. Midwives in Mexico, the United States of America and increasingly the UK and other European countries, have started to use the Rebozo during pregnancy and labour.

Scarf massaging using a rebozo is growing in popularity as people are discovering the benefits and additional comfort this can offer. Relaxation & oytocin production are a key focus of these massaging techniques and many people taking Hypmobirthing classes will likely have been recommended that they purchase on the lead up to giving birth.

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